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Covenant of the Unitarian Fellowship of Fredericton


To covenant with one another is to engage in the spiritual and everyday practice of loving better. Although this document expresses our written promise to each other, our true covenant lives and breathes in our actions. We will use it to deepen our bonds with one another; during times when we are loving well, it will inspire us to love better; and in times of conflict, we will use it to guide us. We expect this covenant to be challenging, but we also expect it to inspire us, to strengthen our relationships and deepen our sense of community.

  1. We will communicate with and about each other in an open, kindly and respectful manner by:
    • Listening mindfully with open minds and hearts
    • Not making assumptions. Checking out what we think we heard
    • Speaking from our own experience using I statements rather than you statements
    • Talking with and to people rather than about each other
    • Challenging and debating ideas respectfully and constructively
    • Allowing time for each person to speak
    • Communicating with others as clearly as we can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama
  2. We will seek peaceful and constructive resolutions when conflicts arise by
    • Avoiding taking things personally or making assumptions
    • Remembering that what others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream
    • Forgiving ourselves and others and inviting people back into covenant with each other after a disagreement
    • Saying I’m sorry
    • Staying connected through difficult moments, trusting that we are each doing our best
  3. We will work together for the common good of our beloved community by
    • Watching for opportunities to offer praise and thanks
    • Providing opportunities for us to have fun together
    • Pledging not only to tolerate but also to respect, honour and celebrate our diversity
    • Sharing the work of our community with our time and resources as we are able to
    • Regularly reminding each other of the covenant we have made with each other

Grateful for the broad diversity among us, we willingly accept responsibility for our own behaviours and our obligations to honour the other. We freely enter into this covenant and agree to honour its spirit. We promise each other our help in upholding the covenant and promoting mutual respect.

This Covenant is intended to be a living document and was posted on June 25th, 2017. As the Congregation attempts to live our covenant, we expect to discover new truths and better ways of working together. We will periodically incorporate our new insights into newer versions of the covenant that better meet our needs.