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Marriage Requirements

Marriage License

Every couple must obtain a marriage license before they can be married. The license must be presented to the person who is to perform your marriage ceremony. The license is issued to ensure the engaged couple is legally entitled to marry. A marriage license is obtained from Service New Brunswick locations.

Please note: You must make an appointment to obtain your marriage license. There is a $100 fee for a marriage license payable to Service New Brunswick and it is valid for three months from its date of issue. There is no waiting period.

For more information see Questions and Answers About Getting Married. (Please note: this link is to a site which is outside of the control of the Fellowship and may change without our knowledge. Should the link fail, please use your preferred search engine and search for "Service New Brunswick Marriage")

In order to obtain your marriage license you must know the date on which you are going to get married, and the name and address of your officiant. Applicants for a marriage license are required to provide proof of identity and age by presenting documentation such as birth certificate, passport or driver's license. If either of the applicants have been previously married and divorced, they are required to bring proof of divorce. If either is widowed, the former spouse's death certificate is required. Both parties to the marriage are to be at least 18 years of age to marry without the consent of their parent(s) or guardian(s).


You must have two witnesses to your marriage and both must be 19 years of age or over. They will be required to sign the Registration of Marriage form on the day of the marriage.

Religious Affiliation

Anyone who is legally entitled to be married in New Brunswick can be married by a Unitarian Lay Chaplain regardless of their past or current religious affiliation or non-affiliation.

Ceremony Elements

The elements in a marriage ceremony can include the following but must include *items:

Opening Words
Address to Family and Friends.
*Affirmation of intentions
Address to couple
*Exchange of Vows
Exchange of Symbols
Reading or Meditation or Prayer
*Signing of the register
Candle Lighting and children's affirmation
Closing Words