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How to Donate to the UFF

The offering is a sacrament of the free Church. It is supported by the voluntary generosity of all who join with us. Offerings are given and received in grateful appreciation of our shared hopes and values.

Our budget is established by the congregation after our fall canvass and pledge campaign. Many contribute by post-dated cheques and do not place an offering in the basket on Sundays. Others contribute regularly to the offering. If you write your name on your contribution envelope, our treasurer will send you a receipt for tax purposes early in the following year for total donations greater than $10. Thank you for helping to finance the on-going work of the Fellowship. If you would like to support our religious community, please email or phone the office for a pledge kit.

Donations during the Offertory at Sunday Service

Time is set aside during each service to pass the basket. Offertory envelopes are provided on some seats in the sanctuary and may also be found on the desk in the foyer. The envelopes provide space for your name and address and also to indicate whether the donation is to general fund or special campaign. Loose cash in the basket is fine, but you won't get credit for your tax receipt.

Donation by e-transfer

  1. From your online banking send an e-transfer to
  2. This address has been setup so that the funds will be auto-deposited to the Fellowship main account. Assuming that your bank supports e-transfer auto-deposit, it should indicate, upon confirmation of your e-transfer, that you do not need a security question and that the legal name of the recipient is THE UNITARIAN FELLOW SHIP OF FREDERICTON (or sometimes SHIP OF FREDERICTON THE UNITARIAN FELLOW, depending on how your bank chooses to display it).
  3. You should receive an email confirmation shortly after, indicating that your transfer has been deposited.

Fall Canvass and Pledge Campaign

During the fall, we canvass our members for commitments, as they are willing and able, to financial support for the Fellowship during the coming year. This committed support is critical for planning budgets for programs and maintenance. You can get more details from our Pledge Cover Letter. If you are able and willing to support your Fellowship, you can download the Pledge Form as well.

Donation by Canada Post

For those who are more comfortable with the tried and true, we welcome donations by cheque or money order. Please do not send cash through the mail. Make the cheque payable to The Unitarian Fellowship of Fredericton Inc. and mail to:
The UFF Treasurer
874 York Street
Fredericton, NB   E3B 3R8

Donation by

Canada Helps allows you to donate by credit card or PayPal and you will get an immediate tax receipt from Canada Helps, however, part of the donation will go to pay fees and overhead. This link:; will take you to the UFF entry on Canada Helps.